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Free White Paper Download: How recognition builds inclusion



Recognition: The missing link in your DE&I strategy

Despite a renewed focus on diversity and inclusion, HR leaders and employees alike report that inclusion efforts still come up short, and are often viewed as hollow and ineffective. O.C. Tanner’s 2021 Global Culture Report found that 83% of those who self-identify with any minority group are more likely to feel their organization talks about diversity in ways that box employees into traditional categories that don’t accurately express who they are. HR leaders continue to be at a loss for where to go next.

Employers need to understand that building a truly inclusive company culture means going beyond improving diversity numbers. To foster true belonging, organizations must integrate inclusion practices into the small, everyday moments that make up the employee experience.

This white paper from O.C. Tanner explores strategies for incorporating recognition into the everyday employee experience to cultivate a truly inclusive company culture.

Download and gain insight into:

• Why reducing exclusion may not necessarily lead to higher levels of inclusion
• Developing modern leaders who foster connection and belonging
• Using recognition programs to empower teams, build connections, and mitigate exclusion